Run Android Apps on PC using BlueStacks – Step by Step Guide

Run Android Apps on PC: Do you want to be able to run android games and apps on your PC using BlueStacks? if yes then read this tutorial and learn how to do so. Yes, you can run Android games or apps on your PC. We can even say that you actually can run Android on your PC. well not in that sense but something the same.

You may already be heard about something called BlueStacks. It’s the most popular android emulator software available on the web. BlueStacks supports nearly each and every platform like Windows, MAC expect Linux (Yeah there is no BlueStacks for Ubuntu). Let’s jump into the step by step guide to running Android (games) on your PC using BlueStacks.

Run Android Games on PC Using BlueStacks Step by Step

  • You have to Download BlueStack (BlueStacks Mac Download) if you already don’t have it. After downloading and installing bluestacks on your PC Jump to the next step below.
  • Now click on the Search Button and Search for The App you want to run on your PC.Clash of Clans Android App on PC (1)
  • Let’s Presume you want to run Clash of Clans on your PC. So, search for Clash of Clans.Clash of Clans Android App on PC (3)
  • Click on the App and Click on Install, it will be installed on your PC within Minutes (Time Depends on the Internet Speed).Clash of Clans Android App on PC (2)
  • That’s it now you have successfully installed Android App on your PC now all you need to do is enjoy that excellent app which you just downloaded on your PC using BlueSacks.

Note: Incase you face any error with BlueStacks, please check our guide about how to fix bluestacks graphic card error.

Running WhatsApp on PC using BlueStacks

These days BlueStacks comes with preinstalled WhatsApp and some other favorite Android apps. So if you want to run WhatsApp on your PC, then you don’t need to Follow anything. Just download and install BlueStacks on Your PC and you will be good to do. Enjoy the WhatsApp on BlueStacks friends!

So What About Running Android on PC

So, you may fell confused like you may ask – “I asked i want to run Android on PC” and you just talked a lot about BlueStacks. So the answer is you see – “BlueStacks is Android.” When you install bluestacks, you are technically (in some way) installing Android. Hope You find this BlueStacks Tutorial Useful, Thanks for Visiting, BlueStacks Rocks!

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  1. it is intal on my PC but after running the setup…extracting start nd then after completing above 70 % it over automatically…why????

  2. Only supported on $$$ operating systems. Distorted, crippled, and expensive versions of BSD(iCrap) and M$. If it’s a free and usable Operating System then bluestacks wont work. I think they’ve been paid off by the evil twins(M$+iCrap).