1. how can i download blue-stacks for my PC, windows 2007 professional, have try it many times ain’t working what should i do

  2. Its not even opening on my PC at all and i have enough memory to carry bluestacks. what can i do

  3. i have recently downloaded blue stacks and entered in for 1 time without internet then and switched off my pc and i returned back in 15 mins…….when i double clicked blue stacks nothing come in front in screen..what should i do?

  4. I want BlueStacks 3 to work without internet (Like android phone) or just 1 login is enough no need to login and internet anymore after restart (Like BlueStack 2).
    On my Android Phone I can play many games without any internet

  5. i have completely uninstalled bluestacks and tryed to reinstall bluestacks but it wont install keeps on saying “downgrade latest bluestacks is already installed” when it is not and it is not showing up anywhere in any file on my entire system wtf is going on with your already shitty product not to mention the new bluestacks 3 dont even fucking work to begin with if i have to reinstall my operating system and i loose all my shit because of this im gonna sue the fuck out of you shit heads.

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