5 Ways to Fix BlueStacks Graphics Card Error 25000

BlueStacks Graphics Card Error 25000BlueStacks is an excellent app, but depending on your computer configuration and hardware, BlueStacks may give you Error. There are many errors which one can get while using BlueStacks on PC (don’t get me wrong, but it’s true).

While there can be possible 100’s of errors which one can face with BlueStacks;(. One of the most irritating and traditional Error is BlueStacks Graphic Card Error 25000. If you own a pretty decent computer, then most probably you won’t face this is. But in case you are not as lucky as Frane SelakIf(“the world’s luckiest man”), you may face this BlueStacks Graphic card related issue called “Bluestacks Graphic Card Error 25000.”

I presume if you are reading this article on my blog the you have faced this error, and now you are looking for the solution, right?

Don’t Worry I’m Here to Solve the BlueStacks. Even if i can’t fix the problem myself but you can, Just read this complete blog post step by step and i am damn sure you will understand and ultimately able to run BlueStacks on your Computer. Enough of Talking start reading the Solutions for Fixing “BlueStacks Graphic Error 25000” from below.

Guys feel free to download bluestacks for Windows PC (windows computer). You can also download bluestacks offline installer for PC and Download BlueStacks App Player for Mac computer from our website.

#1 Update your Graphic Card Driver

BlueStacks’s Graphic Card Error occurs when your computer has an older version (outdated) of Graphic card driver or Video Card Driver (In case your computer has one) Installed on its CPU. Most Probably if you have the latest graphic card driver, then this issue will not occur.

First of all, you should update your PC/Laptop’s Graphic card driver. Below i have linked one great article which shows you how you can update your computers graphic card or video card driver, It’s a step by step guide which will solve your problem.

Read How to Update your PC/Laptop’s Graphic Card Driver on MostUsefulTricks.com.

Note: Always try to use a Stable and Good Power Source for your Computer and Graphic Cards requires a good Power Source. It’s Also recommended to use a good Internet Speed Connection to download bluestacks as the bluestacks installation file is around 300B in Size.

I think 80-90% of you guys will be able to run BlueSacks flawlessly after applying the first fix. However, In case you are still unable to run bluestacks on your computer, you can try the following solutions.

#2 Download and Install Older Version of BlueStacks

Perfect Computer to Run BlueStacks

The latest version of bluestacks requires a high-end system to run. However in the initial days first few versions of bluestacks used to run on basically any type of computer.

SEE ALSO: Download BlueStacks for Chromebook.

Sounds Great, Right?

No matter even if the computer was in a bad condition old bluestacks (BlueStacks beta or any older version of bluestacks) used to run on it.

So, You can install the previous version of BlueStack on your PC. The old Versions of bluestacks are mentioned below, and you can directly download any of them by right-clicking and clicking on save link as.


Check Download BlueStacks for Ubuntu 14.04 and Other Linux OS.

#3 Use Windows 7 for Running BlueStacks

Most of the softwares are built and designed for most of the OS (Operating System). However, some on the other hand are designed for any specific OS. Unfortunately, BlueStacks is one of them. You may get it as a shock, but the truth is BlueStacks has been Exclusively developed for Windows 7 users and Windows 7 Computers.

So my suggestion is If you are using Windows then you better start using Windows 7 rather than any other fancy new OS like Windows 10.

Note: Apple Macs didn’t create such problem because everything in Mac is up to date. Try to use BlueStack on your Mac Computer. I can give you my words on this – “You won’t face any problem while installing BlueStacks on any MAC”.

Must Read: How to Root BlueStacks App Player (Any Version) Easily & Safely.

#4 Update .NET Framework and DirectX

This could also be a major problem behind BlueStacks Graphics error. if you don’t have updated version of the .Net FRAMEWORK and DIRECT-X then it’s not hard to guess that you will see an error. I highly recommend you to update your computers .Net FRAMEWORK and DIRECT-X . It will also help you run other softwares on your PC which requires the updated version of .Net FRAMEWORK and DIRECT-X

#5 Upgrade Your Graphic Card if Nothing Works

Finally, if you have already tried all of above solutions and still if BlueStack is not working then you have only one solution – Change/Upgrade your computers Graphic Card. I Prefer minimum 1 GB NVIDIA graphic card for running BlueStacks without getting any error like Graphic Card Error 25000. It is one of the best graphic cards, and the unique thing about this is that it always support Bluestack software.

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My Conclusion

Bluestack is one of the best software which helps you to turn your computer into an Android Device. I know you must be thinking about whether it is in your budget or not, but you will be surprised if i say this software is free of cost, only additional charges will be applied if you go for some additional specification(you will get extra features).

If you don’t know about BlueStack App Player, then let me explain it to you, It is a set of the application by which you can replicate Android Operating System on your PC without much effort. It will help you if you are a regular user of Android devices. It will also help you to run mobile apps faster and in fullscreen on Windows and Mac.

I always try my best to provide you with correct and full information about BlueStacks software. I think it is my responsibility also to let you know about few issues that may arise while installing and using BlueStack. That’s why i wrote this article to help you guys about the most common bluestacks software error called -“BlueStacks Graphic Error 25000.” I will still say BlueStack is excellent software, and these problems are just temporary that you can easily handle after reading this full article above.

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